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4th in class; 6th in 2WD at Magnum Opus | Michigan

The Magnum Opus Rally is known to be a rough course, but when you are having issues breathing, its even worse! Co Driver Peterson Martins was struggling with severe stomach pains which was causing shortness of breath all weekend. His ability to complete the rally was in questions the entire weekend. "Before the Super Special stage I had to get out of the car, " said Peterson. " I couldn't go any further however the stewards stopped me saying we would forfeit if I didn't get back in the car. We had a major time penalty because of it, but I pushed through it." With multiple suspension failures on Too Harded and a suffering co driver, the team finished as good as they could have given the circumstances. Crew Chief John Henry did a fantastic job being the sole crew member for the entire weekend. "He kept the rally Mazda Protege going the entire weekend by himself!," said driver Neeraj Gupta. "It was amazing." The team goes into Black River Stages 2nd in points and has built good momentum for this race. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more! Eat. Sleep. Race. Repeat!

SCL Racing Rally Mazda Protege waiting for tech inspection at Magnum Opus Rally


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