The Team

Neeraj gupta


Over the past 4 years Neeraj has grown the team to over 10 cars with the goal to participate in all forms of motorsports.  He received 1st place in the 2016 NASA ARC 2WD Championship.

Peterson Martins


An avid racing enthusiast in his home country of Brazil, Peterson had aspirations of joining the racing community at an early age.  He received 2nd place as Co-driver in the 2016 NASA ARC 2WD Championship.  

John Henry

Operations Director

John's ability to organize and lead people has been integral to the teams growth and success leading them to their first championship.  He is currently expanding the team into time-attack and has plans to begin his own racing program.  

Cameron Carr


Coming in originally as a back up, Cameron is now the lead rally co-driver for the team.  He brings years of experience with various teams and continues to help others get into motorsports. 

kyle bishop


Kyle brings both driving talent and mechanical expertise to the team.  His fearless nature and precision behind the wheel comes from his years of experience racing bikes.  He is currently focussing his efforts on his drifting program.

marcel ciascai

Technical Director

Marcel brings a lifetime of motorsports experience with an energy that everyone finds contagious.  He has spent time in European motorsports as well as American Rally with NASA and Rally America.  You'll always see him with his "Pulli gang!"

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